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1200 / 1200X, Edge

The 1200/1200X handles envelopes from 4 by 7.5 inches up to 10″ by 14″, making it the most flexible inserter in the marketplace. Designed for reliable and long lasting service, the 1200/1200X, has been in production for over 30 years. It will automatically collate, stuff, seal and stack finished envelopes.

9800 / 9800L Edge I, II

The Edge II Series Model 9800 and 9800L is available in envelope turn-over, or sealer-roller configuration. Standard features include a safety two hand start and simple initial machine setup, without special tools. A true “operator friendly” inserting machine.


  • PLC Control with Self Diagnostics
  • Conjugated Cam Drive
  • Rugged Drive System
  • Two Hand “Safety” Start
  • Simple Set-Up Procedure
  • Color Operator Interface (Touch Screen)
  • PLC Control with Self Diagnostics
  • Station Toggle
  • Positive Vacuum Insert Selection
  • “Whisper” Vacuum Pump
  • Sequential Start-Up/Shut-Down Programming

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