Proudly manufactured by SMS Direct Inc. in the USA

100% Output Verification

Single Line, Multiple Lines, Multiple Locations

Utilizing an advanced 2D bar code
camera system, SMS Tru-Check
provides sequence assurance while
recording a detailed date and time
stamp of each mail piece as it is
processed. Using the latest IT and
Vision Technology, this unit will run
independently or can be integrated
into your existing network for remote
access. The intuitive, user friendly
interface allows your operators
to quickly identify any mail piece
sequence or duplication errors, as
well as missing pieces.

+ 100% output verification
+ 100% mail piece tracking
+ User friendly GUI
+ Operator productivity reporting
+ Real time mail piece reporting
+ Automated job ticket scanning
+ Job tracking
+ Reprint reporting
+ Automated pulls
+ One year license includes:
– Unlimited remote support
– Unlimited software updates​

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